Advertise in Slitz Mag.
Compared to a regular printed magazine, you can access both the latest and back issues of Slitz Magazine 24/7 year after year, for FREE on line. That means more exposure for your advertisements and more access by your market.

Advertising copy should be at The Slitz Magazine offices 10 days before publication.

For late copy, an additional rush charge of up to 50% may be incurred by the advertiser.

Discounts available for multiple insertions of same advertisement with no size or copy change within the following issues. 2nd run = 5% discount, 3rd run or more = 10% discount.

Advertising Policies 
Slitz Mag. reserves the right to refuse any ad on the basis of editorial discretion.

Ad cannot mimic editorial content. The Slitz reserves the right to label an ad as "advertisement" if it cannot be easily distinguished from content.

Editorial calendar
Our features represent the topics that are currently of most interest to our readers. That means our issues are planned on a month-to-month basis. Due to this we are not able to provide any editorial calendar as of today.

Advertising design and production  
Slitz Mag. offers a full design and production service for advertisers. Our highly skilled design team will take transparencies and copy and produce visually striking advertisements to the satisfaction of the client.

Advertising Submission Process 
It is in the best interest of our advertisers to send digital files that conform to the norms and practices of current digital standards. The best ad is the one that requires the least amount of handling on our end because it ensures that your ad will be produced faithfully, as you approved it.

File formats we would need are 1) a JPEG (72dpi) image of finished Ad and 2) all advertising elements (Fonts,text and images).

Submit all advertising elements to Please cc your account executive on your submission. Your order may be delayed if any of the required information is missing or not properly formatted.

Contact Us
SLITZ FREE publication reaches a large base of influencers and trendsetters across the globe. If you're looking to get your brand in front of them we'd love to hear from you. Contact one of the following individuals ONLY if you would like more information about advertising in Slitz Mag.

Sisa Hernandez
Marketing Director

Type: Spread
Ad ID: 101
Size: W420 mm x H297 mm
Price: 50,000 Php

Type: Full page
Size: 210x297 mm
Price: 25,000 Php

Type: 2/3 page
Size: 140x297 mm
Price: 17,000 Php

Type: 1/3 page
Size: 70x296 mm
Price: 8,400 Php

Type: 1/3 square
Size: 140x140 mm
Price: 8,400 Php

Type: 1/6 square
Size: 87x140 mm
Price: 4,200 Php

* Any ads created by Slitz Mag. for any advertisers will remain the property of Slitz Mag. and may not be reproduced by another publication without express permission and payment to Slitz Mag.