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Be part of building the next big international Bold Entertainment Company. We are now looking for young hungry and seavy individuals to join the SLITZ'S "Squad", to build the next million dollar sexy business. Together we are a force that can create things other traditional companies cannot. send your tips, articles and contribution to:


A SLITZ'S "Squad" Partner is an affluent individual who provides sweat capital (knowledge and time) in exchange for ownership. Sweat equity is as valuable as cash equity and is essential in our growth plan.


As a partner you have to contribute and help build the business. SLITZ'S "Squad" Partners invest sweat equity to help empower the business by building the value.


This is a long term investment and commitment, not a fast buck in your pocket. Instead of investing your hard earned money in the stock market, you can here invest your knowledge and time in a sexy entertainment company.


As a partner you get the same benefits that comes with any growing company. The value of your ownership increases and so will any future dividend. Same as if you would invest your money in the stock market. But here you only invest your time and knowledge not money, in exchange for partnership in the business.


We're looking for partners (Magazine lay-out artist, Writers, Advertising sales, Marketing Head, New business, Photographers / Videographers, Video editor and Motion graphic artist, Graphic artists, Secretary, Web designer and web coder, Production coordinators, Party planners, etc.) who are willing to keep up the magazine's sex appeal. We welcome new partners, which should be sent to If you wish to be our next partner, please take some time familiarizing yourself with SLITZ's specific style and visual language. Please don't join if you're not 100% sure about that you have time or pasion to build the next bold entertainment company.


This type of shared ownership is good for the bottom-line and we use this to attract and keep good talents. This process will also help lower the business expenses at a time when we else may need to raise capital. Also, when the company’s key people are all invested in the success of the company, we tend to work harder and more efficiently, which in turn will increase our growth and profit.


Don't start what you can't finish. Think before you submit your content (images/videos or words) for publication, we can't erase content that has been published. So, do not submit if you think your future career or life will take you to places where you would regret exposure like this.


The goal of the magazine is to provide a channel where creative heads can publish their knowledge and get compensated in a different way, through the worldwide recognition that they will receive through the magazine. We also pay for quality content, so if you expect compensation for an article, you MUST negotiate all terms in advance.


SLITZ will follow the strategy of building new business ideas around our free magazine on the basis of proven Internet-based business models but with an injected sexiness. Every good entrepreneur will tell you that ideas are worthless and execution is everything. It certainly holds true for our business model as well and that’s why we invite kick ass talents to join us as we build our business.

The Business of Bold Entertainment

We builds internet startups which replicate the business models of other established, successful companies. We treat every new company like a speedboat, and we want them to become aircraft carriers with in 6 month. We are looking for young hungry tech seavy individuals to join or task of building the next million dollor business.

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