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Join SLITZ'S "Squad" and become part of our street-army (photographer, writer, programmer, models, etc) that feeds the magazine with the latest news, trends and happenings, send your tips, articles and contribution to:


We are always looking for new talents from around the world, for magazine feature. Could be a Pin-up Model, DJ, Artist, Club Promoter, Club Owner, Entrepreneur, Adult Star, Fashion Designer, Extreme Sport Athlete, Photographer, Writer etc. send us a message if its you or someone you know.


Do you have what it takes to be a SLITZ model? Well, then put your photos where your mouth is! SLITZ uses a combination of 'girls next door', 'pro', and adult stars for our magazine features, sponsored events, product images on the website and in our printed materials. We have photo shoots all over the world. So send SLITZ your photos and short info and become SLITZ's next hottie.


We accept submissions on a "rolling" basis through the calendar year, and encourage contributors to submit their content as soon as it is ready.


All material will be sub-edited before publication. This is normal practice and material may have to be edited for length before use.


When submitting content: Be sure you have the fully rights to the content, that you are of legal age, and that your career will not be effected.
Unfortunately not all work can be guaranteed a place in the magazine due to high demand, quality, time, and space issues. We reserve the right to change which issue your editorial/feature goes in.


We're looking for contributors (models/ photographers/ writers/ Programmers/ Graphic Artist/ Video Editors/ Etc.) who are willing to keep up the magazine's sex appeal. We welcome submissions (Photos/ Articles of Nightlife, Bodies, Business, Sex, Cars, Traveling, etc.) which should be sent to If you wish to contribute, please take some time familiarizing yourself with SLITZ's specific style and visual language. Please don't contribute or submit if you're not comfortable with following the guidance on this page.


By sending your submission to SLITZ magazine you allow us to reproduce the content in the magazine, website, and for use in our marketing material. Please only submit your work if you agree to these Terms and Conditions.


Don't start what you can't finish. Think before you submit your content (images/videos or words) for publication, we can't erase content that has been published. So, do not submit if you think your future career or life will take you to places where you would regret exposure like this.


The goal of the magazine is to provide a channel where creative heads can publish their knowledge and get compensated in a different way, through the worldwide recognition that they will receive through the magazine. We also pay for quality content, so if you expect compensation for an article, you MUST negotiate all terms in advance.


It is the contributor's responsibility to obtain permission to reproduce any copyrighted content submitted for publishing (such as; photos, text, video clips, and sound files). Contributor should also provide a complete list of credit.

The Business of Bold Entertainment

We builds internet startups which replicate the business models of other established, successful companies. We treat every new company like a speedboat, and we want them to become aircraft carriers with in 6 month. We are looking for young hungry tech seavy individuals to join or task of building the next million dollor business.

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John Karlsson founded SLITZ, an independent 'garage' publication, in 2004 just after he quit his day job in Sweden, sold his belongings and moved to the tropical Philippines.
It took over a year and a half to develop the concept and now more than 9 issues later, the quarterly publication has grown into a global circulation of over 17,000 readers. Our key marketing strategy is the "FREE" magazine that generate readers from around the world. And in the future we will make use of this medium to add services.
Today, SLITZ share an 80sqm office in Metro Manila, with a swimming pool, gym, private driver, and perks like free meals for the employees prepared by a culinary staff. Luxuries you can enjoy in a tropical country like the Philippines where tax and salary are much lower than in Europe and USA.


SLITZ (the brand) seeks to partner with other companies to develop and sell products under the SLITZ brand. Generally, we license our brands to products and companies that meet the following criteria:
+ A leadership market position with a premium product that has a connection to a SLITZ brand, product, or service
+ Established distribution channels and high customer satisfaction

Please note that SLITZ retains some trademarks solely for our use and these are not available for licensing. If you have products that meet our guidelines, please contact us.


SLITZ has never identified itself with any one 'thing'. The publication takes its influences from all around; nightlife, fashion, extreme sports, tattoo, the adult industry, and any other bold trend and lifestyle. readers, Bons Vivants, are people who enjoy the good things in life; and our content, in most cases, are contributed by the same, our readers from around the world.


SLITZ Magazine invites you to experience the future of magazine publishing/advertising where you can access the latest and back issues for FREE. Inside you'll find all the same content available in a printed version, with added features like clickable links, video ads, searchable text, and zoomable photography. Got a laptop? Download back issues, and bring SLITZ Magazine with you on the go.


John Karlsson, Owner of SLITZ Magazine

John Karlsson founded SLITZ, an independent 'garage' publication, in 2004 just after he quit his day job in Sweden, sold his belongings and moved to the tropical Philippines. It took over a year and a half to develop the concept and now more than 9 issues later, the quarterly publication has grown into a global circulation of over 17,000 readers.

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The Business of Bold Entertainment

We are an adult magazine and so much more. We give you SLITZ Magazine for free so that we can offer you our other quality services, like our Offshore Cooperative business (LINK). Here you can take your business offshore without setting up your own offshore company. We are also actively looking for young hungry tech savvy individuals that has that CODE that will add that extra service our readers want. Contact us at

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